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Restoration of a poplar wood chest of the early twentieth century

Ancient chest popular South Italy restoration
© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts.

Subject: Chest in solid poplar
Time: late nineteenth, early twentieth century.
Style: Umberto I
Provenance: Southern Italy
Description: traditional southern Italian chest, made of poplar wood is spacious and aesthetically pleasing. Double row of panels framed with rusticated central notch. Complete in every detail makes it a suitable element to any room and decorating style.

The restoration: Restored to perfection, Wireless patina. woodworm treatment performed. The interior has been etched and painted with synthetic paint to be used in various ways. The outer coating has been preserved, the furniture was not stripped but simply clean. classic painting shellac and protection with beeswax. Excellent condition.


Length: 160 cm

Width: 40 cm

Height: 50 cm

Weight: 40 kg

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