Chest of drawers X Carlo, 1825 1835, Naples

New Price: £2,200.00 New Price: £1,450.00

An elegant console, but at the same time functional and with a sober line suitable for the bourgeois clientele of the time. First products of semi-industrial invoice with perfect joints suitable to accommodate the thin and delicate veneer in walnut root perfectly preserved and intact in its entirety. Structure as mentioned in soft wood and compact fiber, the poplar in this case. Surface in feather and walnut root that creates a delicate and articulated design thanks to the variegated grain that composes it. Brilliant painting obtained with the perfectly preserved wick polishing technique. Clear Carrara marble top that creates the right contrast with the wood of the console. Four drawers of which the first retractable. Nozzles and original locks, only the original keys are missing. Mobile in perfect storage conditions suitable for any style of furniture, even modern.

Warranty: 30 Days