Dining table made in 1800 restored cherry and chestnut wood extendable 3 meters

£1,600.00 £1,200.00

Superb dining table of considerable size. Made with a good choice of materials and with solid construction techniques. It is made up of a solid structure and a solid chestnut floor, hard and compact hardwood used in the table construction area, but the feet are made of solid wood cherry wood with noble and most aesthetic impact. The table has a shelf below the retractable top where the extensions are housed; These allow you to stretch the floor up to 3 meters long so you can “sleep” up to 12/15 people. The elements that make up the extensions are the original ones in fir wood (numbered according to the position they should have) with external chestnut frames that integrate with the aesthetic line of the floor. Simple and solid table opening mechanism that guarantees remarkable stability considering the weight of the table.

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